Blue German Shepherd Health Issues

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They are quite striking because of their light eyes and blue coat color. They have the same health issues as any color shepherd.

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Ideally, german shepherd puppies should have 500 calories a day which gradually increases to around 1,600 once he reaches around 15 months old.


Blue german shepherd health issues. The most common health concern for the german shepherd dog breed is elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia. I have spent the last few years creating a movement designed to help german shepherd owners, so i created supplements, guides & blogs in order to give owners the tools they need. I refuse to put down a good dog due to color!

He is a large boisterous lad (3 at the end of march) and is entire. If left untreated, german shepherd health risks include experiencing seizures, obesity, diabetic shock (hypoglycemia) or diabetic coma. There have been records of gsds living more than 15 years, so it is hard to guarantee a certain limit for its lifespan.

Since then, spencer says five more breeds have contributed to the blue bay shepherd gene pool, and she plans to outcross with one more breed before closing the studbook. I grew up in a family that loved rescuing german shepherd. The blue bay shepherd is a cross between a blue german shepherd and a wolfdog.

The kibble should include a protein content anywhere between 18% and 22% and a fat content between 8% to 12%. German shepherd dogs, as with other breeds, are susceptible to several health problems, some of a genetic nature, others viral. A blue gsd is prone to health issues similar to that of a normal german shepherd.

While the old german shepherd tends to have fewer joint problems because of its more natural shape, hip and elbow dysplasia cannot yet be ruled out. Only a few people own them, and their testimonials are all positive. Be sure not to feed your german shepherd puppy any calcium supplements.

These issues are such as degenerative myelopathy, which is a slow and painless degradation of the spinal and can be fatal in the long run. When you do bring your dog home, your veterinarian will probably recommend eye, hip and thyroid exams for your australian shepherd puppy, as well as dna tests to check for cea. Moreover, due to this condition, they face skin problems and skin allergies.

The selective breeding and inbreeding of the blue german shepherd of the same bloodline may cause some mutations and genetic issues. There are 7 acceptable german shepherd colors: Their coats are not always one solid color;

Currently, they are still under development because spencer wanted to produce litters with more lupine appearance. Sable (dark, black, red variants) black and cream; Simply put, the blue german shepherd is simply a colour variation, and their health is exactly the same as a traditional coloured german shepherd.

Health problems of this breed will depend on their parent breeds, meaning that there is a list of potential health issues for each parent breed. Similarly, both dog breeds need early and ongoing training using positive reinforcement methods to be happy and healthy in the role of a companion canine. Below are the most common ones associated with the hybrid.

Unfortunately, as with every breed of dog, german shepherd huskies can have a range of health issues to deal with. If it has been bred for the colour then you could have a load of problems apart from the cda mentioned, these breeders are not known for doing health test untill recently so you will not have a 5 gen health pedigree you will be lucky to get 2 or 3 gens, they also unbreed on dogs knowingly producing health problem such as epilepsy, i know someone last year who bought a blue off when of these. I always wanted to help german shepherds, even as a kid.

Blue french bulldog is facing more health issues as compared to other dogs due to its wrinkles. Unlike the traditional german shepherd coat pattern of beige and brown, the blue variation has a dark blue/grey color of their coat. Due to an impending house move and the owners health issues blue is being rehomed through no fault of his own.

Blue is just a color nothing more. German shepherds are known for their hip problems, so the question is has mrs. Let me introduce you to blue who is a black and tan long haired gsd.

This disease is an attack on dogs at the age of 4 months to 2 years. Some health issues are already known, and it looks like the bb shepherd is prone to some problems that affect the german shepherds and the wolfdogs. The diluted gene is often linked to health issues in other breeds, such as colour dilution alopecia in weimaraner, but the blue german shepherd is not known to suffer any diluted colour related health issues.

Spencer managed to get rid of the bad health traits that could potentially affect the blue bay shepherd. I will not breed a blue. Other hereditary diseases have been passed on from the german shepherd to wolfdogs like the saarloos and czechoslovakian.

The classic black and tan german shepherd is often seen in working lines. Blue german shepherd health issues. The following is a listing of some of the more common health problems that have been seen in the breed:

Blues make wonderful companions and family members. Unfortunately, as with any dog, the blue german shepherd can be prone to some health problems. So if you own a blues german shepherd enjoy!!!

Mostly they are facing the challenge of alopecia. Obesity von willebrand’s disease skin issues panosteitis digestive issues heart disease cancer epilepsy hip dysplasia The area where the german shepherd and the blue heeler may be the most similar is in their shared need for intense physical activity and exercise.

Symptoms include frequent urination, appetite loss and dehydration. Orthopaedic problems (including hip & elbow dysplasia, ocd, and others) heart disease; Many of the problems they are more likely to develop are the same problems that other breeds of german shepherd deal with.

Hip and elbow dysplasia are caused when the joints surrounding the two areas of the body become loose and unstable. Visit a vet who regularly checks your dog, and inquire him regarding its. Akc does recognized the color, however you can not show them in the conformation ring.

These health registries come from the united states australian shepherd association, which participates in the canine health information center, a health database. One of the common genetic german shepherd diseases is diabetes mellitus. Black and tan is the most common color among german shepherds.

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