Can Technology Help You Keep Watch of Your Heart Health?

img src=”″ alt=”Newswise image” /Interventional cardiologist Dr. Henry Sun, director of LifeBridge Health’s Cardiovascular Institute, gives the scoop on the heart health monitoring capabilities of smart watches.

Newswise — It never hurts to be alert when it comes to your heart, and with the rise in popularity of smartwatches, people of all ages are taking advantage of heart monitoring technology. But is it actually useful or just another notification nuisance? While there are many different permutations of digital wearable technology, explains interventional cardiologist Henry Sun, M.D., director of the Cardiovascular Institute at LifeBridge Health, the Apple Watch has gotten more attention because of its atrial fibrillation (AFIB) and arrhythmia detection capability that’s offered with its newer generation watches. In addition to AFIB, other smartwatch brands can also monitor pulse rate, blood pressure and more. Not everyone needs a smartwatch to monitor their heart health, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have some peace of mind that’s only an arm’s length away. If you’re interested in monitoring your heart health, here are some benefits to using a smartwatch: Heart Tracing Are you an anxious individual? Smartwatches that have heart-tracing capabilities could help you pinpoint when you’re experiencing heart palpitations (racing, pounding, skipping) or related symptoms. This can be a good source of feedback to present to your doctor for a further medical investigation. Atrial Fibrillation Device If you…

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