Your healt health What Does Underlying Health Condition Mean

What Does Underlying Health Condition Mean


“that’s why it’s so important for older adults and people with underlying conditions to be prepared,” said the cdc’s. Underlying health conditions that put you in an at risk group include respiratory diseases like asthma, heart disease and neurological conditions.

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A child with a specified underlying medical condition;


What does underlying health condition mean. The word underlying can be used to describe a great many different. Of course, there is a smaller number of otherwise healthy individuals who can develop severe infection, too. People are calling for more information about the health conditions suffered by victims of the coronavirus in the uk as the nhs continues to use the phrase 'underlying health conditions'.

Elderly patients are also at a higher risk of severe illness. A national disability insurance scheme (ndis) participant; Conditions that may cause itching are varied and include liver disease , kidney failure, iron deficiency anemia , thyroid problems ,.

Do you suspect an underlying illness? A person with a specified underlying medical condition who is eligible; What does the word underlying mean?

A condition is referred to as underlying when is not the immediate focus of the study or treatment. Priority group they fall under. Two people are exposed to identical levels of gas.

A blood cancer (such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma) diabetes. Under 70 with an underlying health condition listed below: “underlying health conditions does not mean that someone is sick or feeble or infirmed, said kathryn wall, the public information administrator with the greene county health department.

Definition of with underlying health condition underlying health condition means a health condition that has gone unnoticed by the patient and/or doctor. The takeaway, as with so many health studies, is mixed: Rehearsing with my amateur dramatics group last week, i looked around and noted with a jolt that practically everyone there had an underlying condition, be it asthma, diabetes, living in respite.

Any underlying health condition is potentially problematic, related to this pandemic, said david morgan, a spokesperson with the department of health.

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