What Is The Health Act 1956

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1 of 1956] part i : Citation these regulations may be cited as the health (pesticides) regulations 1956 1.

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(a) where any pool, ditch, gutter, watercourse, sanitary convenience, cesspool, drain, or vent pipe is in such a state or is so situated as to be offensive or.


What is the health act 1956. (1a) in this act, unless the contrary intention appears, a word or phrase defined for the purposes of the health insurance act 1973 has the meaning that it would have if used in that act. It contains specific provisions in section 22 governing the disclosure of health information about identifiable individuals by and between health service providers and other agencies with statutory functions. And, for the purposes of part 4, includes any medical practitioner acting under the direction of the medical officer of health

Public health act [date of commencement: Meaning of holding company and subsidiary 4a. An act to provide for securing the safety, health and welfare of persons employed in agriculture and certain other occupations and the avoidance of accidents to children arising out of the use, in connection with agriculture, of vehicles, machinery or implements;.

(2) a reference in this act to a prescription for the supply of a pharmaceutical benefit is a reference to a prescription written in accordance with subsection 88(1), (1a), (1c), (1d) or (1e). 55 of 1956 as made. Replaced, on 1 july 1993, by section 2 of the health amendment act (no 2) 1993 (1993 no 32).

Health act 1911 health (pesticides) regulations 1956 part i — general 1. It contains specific provisions in section 22 governing the disclosure of health information about identifiable individuals by and between health service providers and other agencies with statutory functions. Companies act, 1956 [act no.

Amending acts 1901 to 1969 repeal act 2014. The medical officer of health, and any environmental health officer or other person authorised in that behalf by the medical officer of health, may at any time, with or without assistants, enter on any lands, buildings, or ships, and inspect the same and all things thereon or therein; This direction applies to any person who attended the locations of interest in victoria, australia at the times and dates (australian eastern standard time), as set out in schedule 1.

More information on the legislation is provided on this page: Federal aid was authorized for accelerating the training of public health specialists. 29 nuisances defined for purposes of this act.

6th september, 1921.] an act of parliament to make provision for securing and maintaining health [cap. And may do, with respect to any persons, places, lands, buildings, ships, animals, or things, whatever in the opinion of the medical. A health care worker may need to perform a simple check on a child at a school or early childcare centre to determine if the child has a medical condition such as an ear infection, head lice, scabies, or vision or hearing loss.

Short title, commencement and extent 2. Medical officer of health means the medical officer of health appointed under this act for a health district, and includes any deputy medical officer of health; 130 of (1948), act no.

Abstract this act, consisting of 7 parts and 8 schedules, sets out the roles and responsibilities of individuals to safeguard public health, including the minister of health, the director of public health, and designated officers for public health. The health act 1956 gives the ministry of health the function of improving, promoting and protecting public health. Health act 1956 the health act 1956 (nz legislation website) gives the ministry of health the function of improving, promoting and protecting public health.

Amended, on 1 december 2020, by section 217 of the privacy act 2020 (2020 no 31). Interpretation in these regulations, unless the context requires otherwise — “advertisement” means any method, including. This act enters into force on 1 january 1957.

Interpretation of certain words and expressions 3. [regulation 1 amended in gazette 3 jan 1986 p. Definitions of company, existing company, private company and public company 4.

—(1.) this act may be cited as the national health act 1956. [assented to 30th june, 1956.] be it enacted by the queen’s most excellent majesty, the senate, and the house of representatives of the commonwealth of australia, as follows :— short title and citation. Health act 1956 1956 no 65 amendments 1958 no 68 1960 no 96 1962 no 76 1964 no 34 1967 no 78 1970 no 69 1971 no 100 1972 no 65 1973 no 111 1975 no 78 1976 no 91 1978 no 96 1979 no 64 1980 no 79 1982 no 34 1982 no 35 1987 no 10 1987 no 194 1988 no 99 1993 no 24 1993 no 32 1993 no 71 1994 no 37 1994 no 133 1994 no 137 1998 no 86 2004 no 3 2005 no 34 2006 no 86 2007 no 92

Amended, on 1 january 2001, by section 111(1) of the new zealand public health and disability act 2000 (2000 no 91). Every person who holds health information of any kind shall, at the request of the individual about whom the information is held, or a representative of that individual, or any other person that is providing, or is to provide, services to that individual, disclose that information to that individual or, as the case requires, to that representative or to that other person. Without limiting the meaning of the term nuisance, a nuisance shall be deemed to be created in any of the following cases, that is to say:

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