BLITZU Compression Calf Sleeves Brace for Women Men, Calf and Shin Supports and Pain Relief

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Pain relief products knee brace compression socks ankle elbow thigh leg arm back wrist sleevesPain relief products knee brace compression socks ankle elbow thigh leg arm back wrist sleeves

We believed Living painlessly with full mobility is the key to a fulfilling life.

Whether you are looking for a back brace for your post-surgery recovery, a wrist brace for support, or a knee stabilizer to prevent future injury, we’ve got you covered!

Feel better no matter what you do with BLITZU.

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Sizing Information – For the best fit of your sizes, please refer to our sizing chart. Measure the thickest part of your calf using a soft tape measure to determine your size. If you are between sizes, size up for a looser fit, and size down for tighter compression.
Product Measurements: Size S-M for calf circumference 10-14.5 inch, product length: 28 cm. Size L-XL for calf circumference 15-18.5 inch, product length: 30 cm. Size XXL for calf circumference 18.5-22 inch, product length: 32 cm.
Leg & Calf Pain Relief: Calf compression sleeve for men & women support the calf muscle, provide pain relief and help relieve leg cramps & fatigue. Our leg compression sleeve maintains your calf muscle stability during exercise or running to avoid varicose veins, shin splints, restless legs syndrome, muscle pulls, soreness, leg fatigue & torn calf muscles.
Shin Splint Relief: If you suffer from the pain of shin splints and never use our footless compression socks for women & men, then you’ve missed a lot. BLITZU calf compression sleeves are designed to energize your whole tired legs assist, boost circulation in your calf, and build your muscle strength to help reduce the stress caused by shin splints. Our calf sleeves are essential running accessories and marathon running gear. Perfect for extreme races, marathon and long runs!
Kinesiology Taping Technology: Patent and designed in New York, USA. The embedded kinesiology strips provide support, stability and pain reduction throughout your calf. You’ll be able to naturally alleviate pain and recover from injuries using the same kinesiology technique shared by doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists.
Boost Your Performance: Our footless compression socks are great for jobs that require you to be on your feet a lot. Our compression leg sleeves are ideal for daily use in traveling, volleyball, running, cycling, basketball, exercise, football, and are preferred by doctors, nurses and pregnant women.
Speedy Recovery: Leave the ice and pain medications at the door. Fight pain, recover and get back in the game naturally with BLITZU calf sleeves. Our leg compression sleeves relieve your leg fatigue by activating the natural pain-relief mechanism of your body and provide targeted support for key ligaments, tendons and muscles in and around your calf and shin area.
Varicose Veins Treatment for Legs: Having cramps in your legs every night is not a good thing for anyone. BLITZU calf sleeves offer graduated compression and warm up your legs throughout the long night, reducing leg cramps, and ensuring a good night’s sleep. It is also suitable for calf tightness, stiffness, varicose veins, swelling, and other calf conditions.

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