Blue Chihuahua Health Issues

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Recent research indicates that the majority of health issues occur in dogs carrying both piebald (spotted with two colors, usually black & white) and the merle gene. Usually, the chihuahua gets an.

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The chihuahua breed is known to have a minimal amount of health problems overall, but the knee condition known as patellar luxation is one of the most commonly identified health problems associated with the breed.


Blue chihuahua health issues. Necrotizing meningoencephalitis is an inflammatory disease of the brain. As they grow older, they also suffer from common health issues. 2) the most likely possibility is that the father, whom you said is completely tan, is a hidden merle.

They have a higher risk of being deaf. This means that the dogs original coat colour is diluted by the merle. Health issues are much more common then you think,.

The blue chihuahua is a unique and fancy color when it comes to the chihuahua color cycle. Generally, chihuahua is robust and healthy despite their tiny size, but they’re not immune to diseases. You must keep a chihuahua under constant surveillance and leash/arm control.

This is because, the gene causing the blue coloring is recessive, and may appear two or three generations apart. However, dogs with genetically blue eyes have been linked to having hearing impairments, according to washington. One reason is overfeeding by their owners.

Their fur is light gray, with darker blue patches. For example, older chihuahua health problems might include tracheal collapse. The merle pattern is very attractive.

Simply put, it causes lesions to form that affect a dog’s ability to function. The knee is a complex structure consisting of muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and bones. And when it comes to the blue chihuahua, the health risks go beyond congenital deafness.

Similar suggestions of ill health are associated with blue chihuahuas as well and it is suggested that you do not breed from two blues. Due to the blue chihuahua being the result of this recessive gene trait. Genetically, blue eyes are typically no indication of health issues;

Do merle chihuahuas have health problems? Do they have health issues when comparing to others? A chihuahua with blue eyes will undoubtedly have an increased sensitivity to sunlight.

Blue chihuahuas are the offspring of two parents who each carry the recessive trait for gray fur. One common health issue with the chihuahua is obesit. Quick list of chihuahua health problems.

It can be hit and miss. Health issues associated with blue merle chihuahuas. Dilute blue merle chihuahuas exist as well.

You might be wondering what are the blue chihuahua health problems especially if you have a blue chihuahua. The chihuahua`s body is too tiny and small, so they prefer the hotness to coldness. These components must align properly and interact harmoniously in order to function properly.

Health issues can occur for a blue merle chihuahua when there are two copies of the merle gene. If you let your small puppy at the cold for too long, it may get hypothermia. In some blue merle chihuahuas, the merle gene acts upon black pigment and results in a dog that has grey colored fur (much similar to the blue chihuahua) with black patches.

Merle is a pattern dilution gene. It is very serious and can quickly lead to death in only a few months. However, like all dog breeds, chihuahuas do have some common health issues.

The merle gene modifier also results in other undesired health issues for this breed of chihuahua as well. They are generally healthy with relatively few health problems. But is there any risk of buying expensive blue color chihuahuas?

Injury is the greatest concern: Here are some rather common chihuahua health issues: Recent research indicates that the majority of health issues occur in dogs carrying both piebald (spotted with two colors, usually black & white) and the merle gene.

Blue is one of the coat colors of a chi, but it can be challenging to breed. Studies have shown that this can cause medical issues in the litter including issues with health of the coat. The color of a dog’s coat is determined by a recessive gene making it.

Health issues can occur when there are two copies of the merle gene. The next ordinary medical problem that may occur to your little puppy is an eye problem. When two merle carriers are bred their litter then becomes known as “double merle” and.

For example, these chihuahuas are far more likely than other breeds and types to develop hearing and vision problems. The merle gene occasionally changes the dark eyes to blue. It is important to be aware of old dog issues.

According to the chihuahua club of america, the double merle gene can also be associated with other health issues in chihuahua dogs. Since yeast is microscopic, your vet might swab or scrape your pup’s skin to check for yeast overgrowth, and treatment usually involves solving any underlying health issues that might be already affected your chihuahua, as well as medicated shampoos, ear rinses or. They have a higher risk of being deaf.

Some suggest that the merle chihuahua will have health issues such as sight problems, hearing issues and possibly sperm deficiencies. To get a blue merle chihuahua, different colors need to be mixed, and at best, you can hope the outcome is blue. Fractures, concussions, choking on small objects, being attacked or jumped on by a larger dog.

This is because it is a diluted color and carries hidden defects. What this article fails to explain, is the nature of the merle gene. You might be thinking to buy one, it would be best to know the related health issues.

These dogs do have the dd genotype.

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