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Co-host Monique Wright asked the beloved presenter a very candid question during a frank on-air chat.

stars and have shared a frank discussion about changes in hygiene habits during a live segment on the Channel Seven breakfast show. The presenters were discussing new research from which has found that Australian shoppers are spending less on some personal care and cleaning items as a result of the Stream the world’s best reality, entertainment and true crime shows for free on 7Bravo on “As the cost of living crisis forces families to make some tough decisions on where to cut back on spending, the top products being left off supermarket shelves are kitchen cleaners, body wash sponges, antibacterial wipes and bathroom disinfectants,” Wright explained during the Hot Topics segment. “They’re the things that apparently we’re not buying as much – the data is from Coles.” Discussing the findings with veteran Seven News Nick McCallum and Bartholomew, Wright asked whether consumers are purchasing alternative less expensive cleaning options “or are we just becoming filthier?” McCallum said the data “made sense”. “During the COVID period, personal and household hygiene, there was an enormous emphasis on it and I’d imagine sales then went absolutely bunter,” McCallum said. “So it’s only natural since the pandemic has eased off, people have stopped thinking…

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